Project objectives

General objectives

The general objective of this project is to assist in the reduction of the public health burden of lung cancers due to exposure to radon in EU Member States (MS).

Specific objectives

The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. The accurate assessment of the health burden to the general population from exposure to radon;
  2. The improvement of radon prevention and remediation strategies that are currently in place;
  3. The development of radon risk communication strategies and approaches for different population target groups in the EU;
  4. The standardization of measurement procedures for radon sources and control technologies;
  5. The assessment of the cost-effectiveness of existing and potential radon prevention and remediation strategies in the EU;
  6. The improvement of the effectiveness of radon control strategies through the design and use of training courses for radon measurement, prevention, remediation and cost-effectiveness analysis;
  7. The assessment of the potential conflicts between energy conservation in buildings, and reduction in radon exposure.